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                TSN TECHNOSOLUTIONS                  TSNT SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD.

World Class Technology Solution

About us

TSN Technosolutions is actively engaged in POWER & ENERGY Solutions, with active cooperation from reputed Multi-National Companies to provide Efficient and Reliable Solutions, along with its own experience and strength in the Development, Support and Marketing. 

We constantly Endeavor our best to update our technological competence, introduce new products and achieve excellence in our mission. 

We try to optimize Efficiency, Reliability, and Flexibility from Power Generation, Transmission Distribution, to Utilization.

 TSN Technosolutions was forms in 2012 with an objective of providing high end electrical engineering support to customers. TSN has successfully served several customers during its Pilot stage. The owner of TSN Technosolutions Mr. Nazrul Islam Mallick have participated in sever projects of National level and have met stringent quality standards. TSN  covers entire geography of the country with key focus on Eastern India.

•       Core activities of TSN Technosolutions include

  •  Sales and support of Woodward product.
  • Sales and support of SEG product.
  • Sales and support of Remote monitoring Device.
  • Annual Maintenance of Synchronizing and Automation Panel
  • Retrofitting and on Call servicing of AMF, Synchronizing, Automation Panel
  • Providing Value added engineering products and features


• TSN has a 1250 Sq.ft office at Teghoriya, Near Airport, equipped with all modern amenities.   The office is well connected with metro, local train and other modes of communication.

• TSN has necessary tools and instruments required for carrying out any kind of maintenance and new installation related jobs.

• TSN has sheds and warehouses available through its associates for offsite work and storage of panels and other heavy equipment.

• Trained employee for handling customer calls & Support.


• Expertise on Woodward & equivalent controllers, where we carryout controller settings,Calibration, commissioning of synchronization, generator Control, Power System load.Management & Protection systems

• Expertise in Remote base Monitoring & Control system.

• Retrofitting of MCCB and ACB and conversion of MOD to EDO ACB and accessories.Necessary modifications in bas bar arrangement.

• Setting of power system protection parameters like over current, earth fault , under voltage, over Voltage, Reverse power, Reverse KVAR, Current unbalance, Voltageunbalance , Power factor based protection, voltage dependent over current, df/dt, vector surge, TCS etc.

• Troubleshooting of automation, like power system management circuit.

• Refurbishment and maintenance of Power systems up to 11 KV.

• Design, execution and commissioning of control system based standard and Micro processors based electrical circuits.

• Configuration and calibration of event recording, fault records, trend generation & disturbance recording

• Supply, erection, commissioning and troubleshooting of control panels of all kinds.

• Expertise in setting of parameters on SCADA/ BMS.


Control & protection Relays




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