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Synchronizing & Protection Relays

EasyGen 3000
Woodward’s easYgen-3000™ Series is an exceptionally versatile set of genset controllers and protection packages with all the flexibility and features needed to fit a wide range of generating set applications. It allows you to standardize on a single, affordable, genset controller for many uses, from stand-alone emergency generators to isochronous parallel operation of up to 32 gensets. 


Common applications include:

AMF (automatic mains failure)
Marine ship/shore power
Island prime power
Utility paralleling with peak shaving and import/export control

The easYgen-3000™ Series is available in two versions:

The back panel mounted easYgen-3100/3400™ has a rugged aluminum chassis for use in harsh environments or confined spaces.
The front panel mounted easYgen-3200/3500™ has sealed soft keys and a large, easy-to-read backlit LCD multilingual graphical display.

Features include:

True RMS voltage and current sensing for generator, bus, and mains
Complete engine/generator protection, metering and mains monitoring
LogicsManager™ to combine measured values, internal conditions, and I/O states with boolean operators and programmable timers, allowing for complex controls
Load share and synchronize up to 32 gensets in island mode or paralleled to the utility
Different load or process dependent start/stop sequencing with kW/kvar load sharing
Support of CAN Open, J1939, Modbus RTU and modem support
Easy-to-read graphical display
11 selectable display languages (easYgen-3200/3500)

EasyGen 2000 Series

EasyGen 2000The easYgen-2000™ Series is a compact, affordable genset control and protection package for synchronizing and load sharing of up to 16 gensets in island operation, or parallel operation of a single unit with a utility. Its integrated load-dependent, start/stop programming allows you to define how gensets are brought on- and off-line to support changing load demands. It even works with a mix of different sized engines, so you can maintain the spinning reserve you need while optimizing fuel efficiency. 

Advanced interface capability provides communication at the genset control level, up to the system network level, and to your desktop half a world away. The easYgen-2000™ Series works with many common industrial interfaces: 
CANopen for peer-to-peer load sharing
J1939 for engine ECU
Modbus RTU for PLC, HMI, and SCADA
Modem for remote control and programming using Woodward ToolKit software

Features include:

Load share and synchronize up to 16 gensets in island mode, or parallel a single genset to a utility
Control of Generator and Mains breaker, open or closed transition,synchronization and soft load/unload
LogicsManager™ boolean programmability for complex system control
Process dependent start-stop logic
Multi-lingual capability: 10 languages
Complete engine & generator protection and mains monitoring
Asynchronous (inductive) and synchronous generator support










EasyGen 1000 Series

EasyGen 1000

The innovative features of the easYgen-1000™ Series make it the intelligent choice for specialized non-paralleling mobile power and emergency stand-by applications: 

Flexible breaker configuration and start-stop logic
Real and reactive power sensing
Remote-start capability

Advanced CAN communication provides control of most common engine ECU’s and allows connection to: 
Woodward IKD 1 module for expansion of the onboard I/O set
Easylite-100 remote annunciation panel for NFPA-compliant installations

Additional Features Include:

Configurable for 1 or 2 breaker operation
Flexible start-stop logic for diesel and gas engines
True RMS voltage and current sensing for generator and mains
Complete engine/generator protection, metering, and mains monitoring
LogicsManager™ to combine measured values, internal conditions, and I/O states with boolean operators and programmable timers, allowing for complex controls
Communication to engine ECU’s, PLC (Programmable Logic Controls), external terminals (I/O extension)
Support of CAN Open, J1939, Modbus RTU and modem connection
10 selectable display languages

EasyGen 300 Series

EasyGen300Woodward’s easYgen-300™ Series provides affordable, value-packed genset controllers for auto start and transfer switch applications. They provide all the essential functionality for stand-by diesel genset applications with monitoring, protection, and event recording options common to higher-end controls. 

Position inputs are used to interlock the GCB and MCB internally, ensuring that both can’t be closed at the same time and eliminating the need for external relays. A compact, fully-enclosed molded housing, removable terminal connectors, and fast, easy PC programmability make it the smart control choice for serial stand-by genset production. 

Features include:

Single-breaker or two-breaker control 
Automatic and manual operation modes 
Breaker position monitoring 
1-phase and 3-phase configurable voltage sensing options 
Generator protection 
CAN option for common J1939 alarms 
Digital display for voltage and frequency measured values, alarm annunciation, and counters 
Password-protected PC and front-face programmability

GCP 30 series

EasyGen 3000
Woodward’s GCP-30 Series genset controllers are designed to provide total control for multiple, medium- to large-sized applications. A network of the compact, versatile GCP-30 controls is capable of controlling up to 14 gensets with automatic sequencing. Load management features include automatic base loading/peak shaving, import/export control, and emergency power/back up power generation. The GCP-30 Series is well known in the market for highly reliable soft- and hardware. 


Features include:

True RMS voltage and current sensing for Generator, Bus, and Mains
Complete engine/generator protection, plus mains monitoring
Relay manager for programming relay outputs according to selectable discrete and analog conditions
Load share 14 gensets in island mode or paralleled to the utility
Different load or process dependent start/stop sequencing modes with active and reactive power load sharing
Communication to engine ECU’s (CAT, MDEC, J1939 based protocols), PLC’s, external I/O extension cards
Connection to Woodward LS4 to run multiple breaker applications
Configurable discrete Inputs and Relay Outputs


EasyGen EGCP2
Woodward’s EGCP-2 is a microprocessor-based complete generator control and engine management package. It is designed for use with an automatic voltage regulator and a speed control to automate and protect diesel or gas engine based generator sets. 

Designed for small- to medium-sized generator sets, the EGCP-2 can be configured to operate stand-alone or by utility paralleled sets. A network of EGCP-2 controls is capable of controlling up to eight unmanned generator sets for base-load, peak shaving, or backup power generation. 

Features include:

Engine Control
Gen-Set Synchronizing
Automatic Sequencing of Multiple Units
Automatic Start/Stop Control
Digital Display of Engine and Generator Data
Real kW Load Control
Reactive kVAR Control
Gen-Set Protection
Engine Protection
Modbus® Communications


RP-3000Woodward’s RP-3000 is a remote control and annunciation panel for use with the back-panel mounted easYgen-3100/3400 or door-mounted easYgen-3200/3500 genset controls. The RP-3000 is an ideal solution for door-mounted applications, providing control from the front panel with greatly-reduced wiring to the access door, while keeping high-voltage connections located safely on the back panel. 

The RP-3000 allows remote control and visualization. It has the same look and feel of the easYgen-3200/3500 genset control, enabling user-friendly transition between genset control sources. Each RP-3000 remote panel communicates with a single easYgen-3000™ Series genset control. 

Features include:

Remote annunciation and remote control of the easYgen-3000 Series generator controls
Password-protected remote configuration for all parameter settings
Same look and feel as the easYgen-3200/3500 display
CAN communication to genset control
Ready for operation relay output



 I/O extension board

IKD 1The IKD 1 is an I/O extension board. It allows an additional 8 discrete inputs and 8 relay outputs to be connected via CAN bus to the Woodward generating set controllers series GCP-30 and easYgen.

It is possible to connect multiple Woodward IKD 1 cards to each of the genset controllers. The IKD 1 can be programmed via a PC configuration tool or directly via LogicsManagerTM in the easYgen series controllers. Configuration of text name for the I/O, alarm classes, NO (Normally Open) and NC(Normally Closed) relay contact configuration and delay timers is possible. The I/O states will be displayed in clear text messages on the genset controllers display and can be used for further processing. 

Features include:

8 configurable discrete alarm inputs
8 configurable relay outputs (dry, two pole isolated)
Configurable delays for each input
CAN bus communication
PC configurable













    Professional Line

The din rail trendsetter in medium -voltage applications

Gap in the market closed. Here you will find all common protective functions for low and medium voltage in individual or combined units. The special feature of the Professional Line products is their attractive price in conjunction with their intelligent DIN -rail design which is limited to essentials. 

 Small but efficient – fast and safe. These units manufactured using SMD technology and with universal architecture are used for grid, generator, and motor protection. Microprocessor technology used with our larger models ensures top precision and reliability. Especially important, too, the relays can process complex measured values, which include: the effective values, real power measuring, and communication capability in addition to characteristic curves. 

Flexible adaptation: The Professional Line relays let you kill two birds with one stone. With the voltage and frequency relays you can easily select rated voltages and rated frequencies as well as some additional protective functions by means of a DIP switch. The current relays, for example, have a great number of standard characteristic curves which can be used to fit the individual application. 


Universal supply

The protection relays can be operated with alternating or direct voltage, thanks to a wide-range power pack. This way you can have an electrical supply from the measured value itself or any other power source and therefore the product can be integrated into almost any operating environment. Not only can important rated values be easily adjusted on the unit, but there is no need for a huge variety of associated equipment, which therefore optimizes logistics and warehousing. This underlines the cost efficiency of this product line. Easy adjustment: DIP switches and potentiometers enable you to adjust the protective functions and tripping values quickly and safely. If you prefer to use a PC or a Notebook for this purpose, 

we offer you – as an option – an interface adapter plus the appropriate software. Active protection against changes in the settings is ensured by front covers that can be sealed and through adjustments using the software. Compact design: The Professional Line protection relays are in many ways unique on the market. For example, the standard DIN -rail-mounted housings allow fast installation at an optimum cost. They have LV and MV practice-oriented terminals which are easily accessible and are suited for easy installation on DIN rails. They have a terminal cross section which is especially designed for the connected CT s so that they are first choice for those who are not obliged to use door installation. 

Variety of applications: Woodward Professional Line devices not only prove themselves in the most varied stationary applications – such as in type-tested energy supply systems – but also in mobile applications: in construction site systems, container systems, in supply systems for trains, and for the most varied maritime applications, they are GL certified. Woodward units fulfill the most stringent testing conditions. They are resistant to vibration and climate, and fulfill all requirements of IEC 60255. 











High Protech Line

The HighPROTEC line is fully equipped with all functions required by the corresponding application, feeder, mains decoupling, motor, and transformer protection. High usability, flexibility, precision, and reliability of the relays are the hallmarks of this product. The big protection package of each device covers all applications without additional price. Easy to use, fully equipped protection package with control and communication protocols. 

To equip incoming or outgoing feeders, to realize the mains decoupling of renewable energy sources, or to protect motors or transformers with differential protection, HighPROTEC is the most convenient solution for your application. If you want to control your circuit breaker or to supervise the net values via SCA DA, all necessary communication protocols are available. 

Susta inable Technology

When developing the HighPROTEC line we reacted to our customers’ requirements and the latest standards. The HighPROTEC as a new product line will offer a long term availability to the market. 

In this process our more than 40 years of experience and the advantages of our existing product lines have been successfully combined. 

Simple and Intuitive Operat ion

Device menu: The menu text and operating concept are consistent throughout the complete product line. The neatly, clearly, and unambiguously structured device menu enables safe operation. The intuitive menu navigation is backed by hotkeys and shortkeys as operating elements. The device menu is structured in the same way as the PC tool Smart view. If you do not know the function of a parameter, a help text to each parameter is shown on the device display and at the Smart view. 

Smart view: In the device planning you can select only the protection modules necessary to protect the equipment. This function guarantees the optimal handling and overview of the complete setting. The parameter setting will be supported by plausibility checks. You can comfortably set all relay types offline. If you connect Smart view to a newer or unknown HighPROTEC device, Smart view updates automatically to ensure that the work can continue. The combination of these advantages saves commissioning and maintenance cost and confidence of providing the correct protection. Smart view is connected via RS -232 to the front panel, or you can use an Ethernet connection via the RJ45 interface. 

Flexible funct ionality

Each device fulfills all necessary requirements with a high level of flexibility. The hardware, like the digital inputs, are similar in each device. The digital input thresholds can be individually set to different nominal values. The current inputs are designed for 1 A and 5 A in one device, sensitive earth current inputs are additionally available. The wide-range power supply enables a connection to each auxiliary voltage. The phase and voltage measuring inputs are suitable for all nominal phase voltage up to 600 VAC (50/60 Hz). The current terminals have integrated short-circuit contacts. All plugs are removable and allow a preinstallation of the cabinet. 

Communicat ion

HighPROTEC supports all common SCA DA communication protocols such as IEC 61850, Modbus RT U, Modbus TC P, Profibus DP, and IEC 60870-5-103. 

Protect ion and Control

The protection functionality of each device is a full package, all in one without additional price. The different protection functions are very flexible and standardized over the complete line. Protection functions which are not needed for the application can be simply hidden. A plausibility check ascertains if assignments from the hidden functions are projected to LE Ds or other modules. With this functionality the optimal protection function overview helps users to save time, gain assurance, and help to find failures. An integrated time management, supervision, and interlocking system provides full supervision of the system. The design of the single line scheme can easily be carried out by our support team. The additional switchgear wear module calculates the operations and total of interrupted short-circuit currents. A breaker wear function interpolate based on interrupted currents and operations the breaker wear health. 

Features Overview

Intuitive operation with help texts
Plausibility checks prevent inadmissible inputs
SCADA connection for all standard protocols
International certification KEMA, UL, Gost-R
Wide-range power supply for all standard aux. voltage ranges
Current inputs are designed for 1 A and 5 A
Nominal voltages and switching thresholds are adjustable













Woodward’s Load Share Gateway (LSG) Communication Converter

Woodward’s Load Share Gateway (LSG) is a communication converter specifically designed to operate the easYgen-2000™ and easYgen-3000™ Series with Woodward`s EGCP-2 systems or analog load share controllers in a single load share network. 

The LSG supports your retrofit business by integrating the easYgen-2000™ and easYgen-3000™ Series into existing analog load share line coupled applications. 

Features include:

Easy and direct configuration via easYgen-2000™/3000™
Compatible to most important analog load share line systems
Direct load sharing between Woodward EGCP-2 and easYgen-2000™ and easYgen-3000™ Series
Status LEDs for CAN and RS-485 communication

Robust metal housing










Synchronizing & Protection Relays


Synchronization with the help of EasyGen

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