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Woodward easYgen-100 series is designed for single generator set used in isolated stand-by or prime power applications. The controllers include purpose built algorithms and logic to start, stop, control, and protect the genset, and open/close circuit breakers. Equipped with state of the art communication interfaces, Woodward's easYgen-100 Series Start/Stop genset controllers provide exceptional versatility and value for the OEM genset packagers.

The easYgen-100 Series is available in two variants:


  • easYgen-600 compact start/stop controller offers
    a state of the art liquid crystal display (LCD), adequate on-board I/Os and 
    common industrial connectivity


Easy-to-use software ToolKit-SC simplifies configuring the controllers for standard system application as well as making it easy to customize it for individual solutions. Additionally, the module's integral front panel allows adjustment of several parameters.


easYgen-600 benefits:

  • Reduced effort through product standardization for optimized inventory, manufacturing, commissioning and service
  • Affordable, value-packed genset control for auto start/stop operations
  • Covers all the essential functionality for standby diesel genset application with monitoring, protection and event recording functions common to higher end controls
  • Heavy duty relays for engine, breaker, and application interface
  • Easy to set up and commission