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The easYgen-2000™ Series is a compact, affordable genset control and protection package for synchronizing and load sharing of up to 16 gensets in island operation, or parallel operation of a single unit with a utility. Its integrated load-dependent, start/stop programming allows you to define how gensets are brought on- and off-line to support changing load demands. It even works with a mix of different sized engines, so you can maintain the spinning reserve you need while optimizing fuel efficiency. 

Advanced interface capability provides communication at the genset control level, up to the system network level, and to your desktop half a world away. The easYgen-2000™ Series works with many common industrial interfaces: 

CANopen for peer-to-peer load sharing
J1939 for engine ECU
Modbus RTU for PLC, HMI, and SCADA
Modem for remote control and programming using Woodward ToolKit software


Features include:

Load share and synchronize up to 16 gensets in island mode, or parallel a single genset to a utility
Control of Generator and Mains breaker, open or closed transition,synchronization and soft load/unload
LogicsManager™ boolean programmability for complex system control
Process dependent start-stop logic
Multi-lingual capability: 10 languages
Complete engine & generator protection and mains monitoring
Asynchronous (inductive) and synchronous generator support

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